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KDetSim introduction

KDetSim is a shared library (.dll under Windows .sl under Linux) which is dedicated to solving Poisson/Laplace equation in 2D and 3D and monte-carlo simulation of the charge transport inside semiconductor detectors. It is based on ROOT in the sense that it rellys heavily on its class libraries for all aspects of operation (visualization, IO , user interface...). The class library can be used to built executable code, but the primary use is within the root interpreter (CINT), where programs are executed in the form of macros.


An introduction and explanation of useage can be found in the manual, which is in fact a tutorial. Different functionalities of the classes are demonstrated on several examples.


A repository of several examples which can server as a starting point for the simulations.


The distribution package with instructions to install on different OS platforms.

Class Index

A complete list of all classes defined in KDetSim can be found at above link. A complete hierarchy graph of all classes (Class Hierarchy), showing each class's base and derived classes can be found here and a complete list of data types here.

Who are we?

Gregor Kramberger, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana